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Boost your Profits from Day One with our Dynamic Pricing Specialists

Your geo-targeted sales campaigns are in good hands with us. With several years of experience in virtually every branch of industry, our dynamic pricing experts are your best asset to convert your marketing efforts into the highest possible profits. Define your goals with your dedicated pricing manager and we will fully manage your geo-targeted sales campaigns for you, world wide.

With our expert knowledge and an extremely powerful tool box, we will ensure your success even in the most competitive markets. We leverage the power of geo-targeted sales campaigns by using real-time competition monitoring, dynamic split testing and artificial intelligence, and will make sure that you'll always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

How we Work

As a starting point, we are using both pricing intelligence data about your competition and economical data to adjust your prices. We are using for instance consumer price indexes to adjust your prices within the US, and GDP per capita at purchasing power parity to adjust your prices internationally. This initial price optimization step will already boost your profits from day one – and this is only the first step.

Pricing Intelligence

We will also start running pricing split tests from day one to observe the price sensitivity of your customers. While most of your visitors will see the optimal prices according to their geographical location, we will show slightly higher or lower prices to about 20% of your visitors and measure the impact on your sales performance.

A/B Testing

As soon as we'll have gathered some price sensitivity data, we are going to use statistical analysis and AI algorithms to find out the optimal price in every location – in every country, in every state and in every city. We are also analyzing geographical patterns in the price sensitivity data in order to infer the optimal price in locations with little traffic.

Statistical Analysis

When our machine learning engine has reached its cruising speed, we will share insights from the analysis of your sales data and provide you hints towards business development opportunities. For instance, if you are able to reach a few cents of profit per visitor in India with the optimal pricing pattern, you have a great opportunity to buy cheap AdWords traffic and generate profitable business. More generally, you will be able to optimize the budget allocation of your CPC campaigns and target geographical areas that are driving the highest profit per visitor.

Optimal price in a specific location

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