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Proven strategies built-in within a fully-automated app.

We empower e-Commerce retailers to successfully compete in the ever-changing world of commerce. Enabling brands and retailers with a Geo-Targeted Price Optimization solution to sell the right products, at the right price, at the right time – all over the world.

Compete with local retailers & win

Compete with local retailers & win

Plug-and-play solution to offer geo-targeted discounts in cities where retailers beat you on price. Profit growth guaranteed! Darwin Pricing enables you to run geo-targeted sales campaign to compete with local retailers. And helps your company ensure success in every single city with the help of geo-targeted promotions.

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Recover lost sales with exit offers

Recover lost sales with exit offers

Exit intent detection & sales recovery on all devices. Give a discount to visitors about to leave & get more orders instantly! We offer e-coupons, targeted specifically at different regions to optimize the impact of different coupons on conversions, revenue and profits in each location.

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Grow your mailing list quickly

Grow your mailing list quickly

Gather social followers and newsletter sign ups with a customizable coupon box, optimized for smartphones & tablets! Automated import of e-mail addresses captured by our coupon boxes. Personalized, geo-targeted sales banners in abandoned cart e-mails and newsletters, integrated with your PPC and social media campaigns.

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Compete with local retailers & win

Plug-and-play solution to offer geo-targeted discounts in cities where retailers beat you on price. Profit growth guaranteed!

Customers visiting your website from different physical locations have different price expectations. They experience different local competition situations, depending on the prices charged by local retailers.

Darwin Pricing enables you to run geo-targeted sales campaigns to compete with local retailers. Offering the optimal geo-targeted promotions will ensure your success in every single city. Without impacting your global margins.

Compete with local retailers & win

Artificial Intelligence Driven Pricing Power

We enable your Geo-Pricing strategy to be optimized automatically based on the most advanced machine learning technologies. Our artificial neural networks model the geographical variations of price elasticity.

And our allocation optimization algorithms serve the optimal pricing offers to maximize profits. In short we give you dynamic adaptation to market changes to drive the highest profits in all regions of the world.

In order to improve your performance, self-learning A/B split testing is a powerful feature, which lets you test different versions of your online store and landing pages. For best results, our allocation optimization drives most traffic to the winning variations automatically. Darwin Pricing also creates real-time reports of conversion rate, revenue and profits. We are fully integrated with Google Analytics and Inspectlet's live shopping session recording tools.

Recover lost sales with exit offers

Turnkey solution for all leading eCommerce platforms

Darwin Pricing is easy to install as a plug-in and fully customizable. Enterprise-ready with hosting on your premises or managed by RedHat in the Amazon cloud. Darwin Pricing is fully integrated with Magento Commerce, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, Shopware, WordPress, Hybris, Demandware, Oracle Commerce, Websphere Commerce, 3dcart and we can provide plug-ins for other eCommerce platforms available.

Beyond standard eCommerce platforms, Darwin Pricing can be integrated easily in any online store with our full-featured REST API and with our API clients for high-performance websites, readily available for PHP.

Grow your mailing list quickly

Geo-Targeted pricing helps:

  • Start-Ups reach exponential growth
  • E-Commerce professionals grow their profits
  • Established brands expand internationally

Trusted by over 700 happy customers on various e-commerce platforms like:

And many more...

Install on your online store in a few easy steps:

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J&R Bicycles
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Benchmark Media
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Paul Lorenzo

Darwin Pricing is now at the core of my online business set up. Especially if you are selling worldwide, I would call it intelligent pricing!

Christian Gulli, Paul Lorenzo

The Wright Way of Hair

With Darwin Pricing, I can sell my products at an affordable price for all. And you’re really not losing much by doing this, on the contrary!

Janel Wright, The Wright Way of Hair

Vele’An Passion

After installing Darwin Pricing, I got unexpected sales and marketing feedback. Very valuable insights, wonderful app and great support!

Vee Eaton, Vele’An Passion

Benchmark Media

We needed some unique customizations which were handled quickly by the Darwin Pricing developers. They gave us the full geo-pricing solution that we needed!

John Siau, Benchmark Media

Positive Office

Darwin Pricing really helped me set up my pricing across multiple countries. It’s easy to use and the team made sure everything was working exactly as I wanted.

Matt Kelly, Positive Office

Carver Skateboards

The support provided by Darwin Pricing was amazing, in a few hours we had our website up to date as our needs. I recommend it!

Tiago Puel, Carver Skateboards

Norvine Clothing

Excellent and fast service and support, customization, perfectly looking lightboxes. Super awesome app & company!

Norman Matingen, Norvine Clothing

Worldwide Cyclery

Great software but even better genius running the implementation. Darwin Pricing provides so much insight and value, it is unreal!

Jeff Cayley, Worldwide Cyclery

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