Ready for Evolution?

The Next Generation Pricing Strategy

You want to optimize your sales? You wish you knew more about your customers? You dream of entering new markets?

Darwin Pricing is here to help you reach the sales performance you are dreaming of! Offering a unique software solution designed to learn from your sales data and to be applied to any kind of shop system, Darwin Pricing is the perfect tool to keep in touch with the latest evolutions on your market. Instead of limiting yourself to the choice between different discount strategies, let our software adapt your prices automatically to the current situation on the market! Stop relying on approximate methods that under- or overestimate the degree of competition: With Darwin Pricing, you can finally base your sales strategy on facts.

Darwin Pricing performs sales experiments with slightly higher or lower prices on your shop, informs you about the current price sensitivity of your customers, and helps you keeping down to earth your pricing decisions. And even better, Darwin Pricing automatically optimizes all prices on your shop to make sure you maximize your sales performance. As simple as that!

But make no mistake, we are not just offering you the next comparison shopping tool to copy the prices of your online competitors! At Darwin Pricing, we've understood that your customers are also comparing your offers with the prices in their favorite retail store around the corner. With our software, you finally have the means to compete at all levels – online and offline! Darwin Pricing measures the exact price sensitivity of your customers in every single city, and will ensure your success on the local market.

We make you the fittest!

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